From the Media

" amazing voice..."
        ~ Greg Roth, Seattle Music Insider

"...a powerful, trained voice..."
        ~ The Stranger

From Workshops

"I cannot say enough good things about Rebeqa and the amazing work she has done for my organization and the huge impact she has had on the participants in my programs. She is a skilled and commanding force, beaming with positive energy and equipped with teaching techniques that resonate with students young and old. The participants emerged from her classes full of new melodies, empowered with their own ideas, and LOUD with the sound of their own voices."
        ~ Natalie Walker, Executive Director, Rain City Rock Camp

"I taught a tone workshop with Rebeqa, in which we were teaching... how to listen for and communicate about tones in vocals, guitar, bass guitar, and drums. She led the vocals portion...Her vocal sessions were fun, informative, and interactive, appealing to all learning styles. In the end, campers walked away with a stronger understanding of how to discuss and listen to tone....her chief goal is to help them write a song quickly and confidently...This year, as I stood in the audience, it was obvious that the song melodies and lyrics were both catchier and more complex. Rebeqa is a real asset to the camp."
        ~ Teresa D., Instructor, Ladies Rock Camp

From Students

"Rebeqa Rivers is the GREATEST!! I have been taking lessons for over a year and she is awesome to work with. She is an incredible singer first of all, then she explains it perfectly. I highly recommend Rebeqa Rivers!"
~ Mike McCready (Pearl Jam)

"After years of bouncing around from coach to coach it was such a relief to meet someone who cared about my vocal health, my goals, and my artistic development. Rebeqa makes it her business to know exactly what YOU want and pushes you gently but firmly to get you there. With an interdisciplinary approach and thorough instruction, she will teach you to get out of your own way and your singing will be better because of it."
~ Ariel C., recording artist

"...Rebeqa showed me some great techniques for protecting my voice and ensuring longevity!"
~ Bradford Loomis (formerly Brad Loomis & The Resonance)

"Rebeqa has a lot of knowledge about the entire vocal system (from simple warm-ups, to the physiology behind it all), but just as important, she possesses the ability to articulate that knowledge in a way that even a beginner can understand, which makes lessons highly productive. In less than six months, I could feel drastic improvement in myself."
~ Eric Harvey (Swingset Showdown)

" Her talent, patience and encouragement helped give me, a total beginner, confidence to sing in front of a crowd."
~ Julie, dedicated her first public performance to her husband at her 50th birthday party

"...helped me find a greater emotional connection to music...It may sound funny, but...Rebeqa really makes me sing more like me."
~ James W., finally performed the concert he'd been planning for 20 years