2017 Seattle University Arts Leadership Conference

Seattle University, 901 12th Ave, Seattle, WA

Rebeqa will be presenting a 90 minute session for the 2017 Arts Leadership Conference, a full-day event, hosted by Seattle University’s MFA in Arts Leadership program in partnership with Seattle Arts Leadership Team (SALT) and the Office of Arts and Culture.

Rebeqa's presentation, titled "Reconnecting Art with Identity in Education & Outreach: A Case Study" will explore the following:

"Arts organizations face the task of meaningfully connecting audiences with art. Often, a large part of audience bridge building is expected from education and outreach programs. How can education and outreach teams improve audience engagement and reconnect arts organizations with audience identities?

"In 2015, music educator and researcher, Rebeqa Rivers, sought to answer this question in her private voice studio. She noticed a disconnection on client feedback surveys: While respondents reported high satisfaction rates, their open-ended responses used language indicating subconscious frustrations. The dichotomy between these conscious and unconscious responses spurred Rebeqa to initiate an eighteen-month study exploring perception and self-identity through music education. In short, her study results suggest that using essential questions – i.e. questions designed to stimulate thought rather than generate answers – in arts education & outreach can connect audiences more deeply to themselves, to each other, and to art in general. This session will detail the methods and results of Rebeqa’s study, and discuss ways education and outreach teams could employ similar methods to create their own results."

More Information & Registration: https://www.seattleu.edu/artsci/mfa/arts-leadership-conference/